Polygon NFT Collection

A 4,000 AI Generated pieces collection, with a growing pre-sale price up to 1 MATIC each, helped to raise initial funds to develop TrybeDAO project and to set a first community for early supporters.

100% of pre-sale + 100% of secondary sale earnings used to fund every step of Phase 1 of the Roadmap.

Official Website | Buy on OpenSea

TrybeDAO Q4 2021
DAO Community

A decentralized community EVERYONE can join!

Rewards, Giveaways, Airdrops, Governance, and many other member-only benefits.

Only requirement? Holding at least 1 PEYOTES in your wallet as NFT pass.

TrybeDROP Q4 2021
Rewards for members

TrybeDROP is a fair reward distribution system for all TrybeDAO members.

Every member who join a TrybeDROP activity will receive a share of the pool based on the amount of TrybeDAO NFTs (PEYOTES and every future collection) they hold in the wallet, at the block set for the screenshot.

TrybeDROP | Distribution History

ERC-20 TOKEN Q1 2022
TrybeDAO (TRYBE) ERC-20 Token

$TRYBE is an ERC-20 Token deployed on Polygon Blockchain with a Max total supply of 100,000,000,000.

$TRYBE token is distributed to TrybeDAO Members through different activities and based on the amount of every TrybeDAO NFTs held.

Token Page | Trade on Quickswap

TrybeSTAKE Q1 2022
Fixed 300% APY rewards Staking

Stake $TRYBE and earn 300% APY Rewards.

0% withdrawal/deposit fees (Polygon gas fees excluded).

No locking period.

Stake $TRYBE

In-Site Rewards (I) Q1 2022
Intoduction of In-site $TRYBE Rewards

Members can earn additional $TRYBE rewards by completing special tasks or being active in the website community.

Withdrawal for in-site rewards will come in PHASE 2.

TrybeVERSE (I) Q1 2022
TrybeDAO in the Metaverse

TrybeDAO first steps in the metaverse.

We built the first (of many others to come) TrybeDAO virtual space in Cryptovoxels metaverse.

Visit Parcel

Polygon NFT Collection

7,000 generated NFT collection on Polygon Blockchain.

Whitelist for PEYOTES Holders.

100% of pre-sale + 100% of secondary sale earnings used to fund every step of Phase 2 of the Roadmap.

TrybeVOTE Q1 2022
Governance for $TRYBE & NFT Holders

Every TrybeDAO member will be able to Vote on official TrybeDAO snapshot space.

Vote power will be determined by the amount of $TRYBE + PEYOTES + Future NFT Collections

Monthly Airdrop Q1 2022
Additional Monthly $TRYBE Airdrops for NFT Holders

$TRYBE Monthly airdrop for ALL NFT Holders.

Every month a share of $TRYBE will be sent to every holder of PEYOTES (and every future collection).

Monthly airdrop will not need to be joined anywhere, a share of $TRYBE will be sent to every wallet holding TrybeDAO NFTs.

Community + Q1 2022
New Community Features for Members


Website Upgrade Q2 2022
Full Website and Server Capacity Upgrade


In-Site Rewards (II) Q2 2022
New features for In-site $TRYBE Rewards

Withdrawal for in-site rewards.

Members will be able to withdraw earned in-site rewards to an external wallet.


TrybeBADGES Q2 2022
Special earnable Badges

Trybe Members can earn exclusive and limited Badges for completing new and past tasks or for helping TrybeDAO during every Phase of the project.

TrybeDAO Badges will be minted as NFTs (to members who earned them) in PHASE 3.

Community Collection Q2 2022
Community NFT Collection


TrybeVERSE (II) Q2 2022
TrybeDAO in the Metaverse


??? Q3 2022
Ethereum NFT Collection


Mainnet Bridge Q3 2022
Bridge $TRYBE to Ethereum

$TRYBE will also be available on Ethereum network.